“What I like about being a Home Visitor…”

December 6, 2022

I love witnessing the bond develop between the caregiver and child and serving as a catalyst between that growth process. It’s exciting when families share stories about their child’s milestones, and you can see the joy in their face and hear the enthusiasm in their voice. It’s great when a family engages in the discussions regarding the curriculum, and they later apply that knowledge they learned during the visit. -Olivia Parrotti, “Help Me Grow” Home Visitor

What I like most about being a Home Visitor is being able to go in and help a new family better understand their baby's wants and needs. As well as just seeing the family's happiness and smile when their children hit a milestone. The icing on the cake is seeing the kids' faces light up when I come through the door because they know when they see me that means they get to play, have fun and make crafts with their whole family. 
-Nyckole Eskridge, “Help Me Grow” Home Visitor

Being a Home Visitor is both rewarding and fulfilling because it allows me to work with local families and community organizations to connect clients to resources allowing them to improve their life situation. Working locally I am able to see the changes happening in my community. -
Justyna Embrey, “Help Me Grow” Home Visitor

I love being able to help families! I love that as a Home Visitor I am able to bring services directly to the home. I love being able to be in the home and get an inside look at how the family dynamic functions together. I start seeing my pregnant moms, sometimes very early on in their pregnancy. I am able to walk alongside them in their journey and build a trusting relationship. After the baby is born, I get to see them every week, watching them grow, develop, reach milestones and develop their own personalities. That is all very rewarding. -
Krystin Dailey, “Help Me Grow” Home Visitor

I feel that being a Home Visitor is a very rewarding job. You start out as complete strangers to a family and when it's time for the family to move on, you've gotten to know the family and you've helped and may have watched their children reach milestones and other goals as well. I enjoy working with the different families, getting to know them better and watching them grow.
-Jennifer Westcott, “Help Me Grow” Home Visitor

I love being a Help Me Grow Home Visitor because I get to be a part of strengthening bonds between a parent and their child. I love that I can support the family with activities, resources and education. Then I get to see the joy between child and parent when they are doing the activity together or when they apply information for their child's benefit. That to me is being a part of a family's success story, and I feel honored to be a part of that.
-Ellinor Farley, “Help Me Grow” Home Visitor

The most rewarding thing about being a Help Me Grow Home Visitor is seeing parents overcome their challenges, become better parents and watch their children hit their milestones. I love knowing that I had some part of achieving those goals.
-Ashten Ray, “Help Me Grow” Home Visitor

By being able to serve a family in the home it provides the Home Visitor with an opportunity to understand and learn more about family.  Home visiting can answer questions about a living environment that would help a Home Visitor to understand more about the child's developmental skills and the priorities of the family. Home visiting can lead to positive outcomes for the family based on the relationship that is created. 
-Heather Stinson, “Help Me Grow” Home Visitor 

I think what I enjoy the most is the connections we make with our families. While they are looking to us as a resource, they have no idea how much they inspire me to do better for myself too. To them, my life and my situation may look awesome or like I have it all together, but I struggle too. I see some moms with little to no support doing EVERYTHING and still finding time for that self-care. The resilience, the “watch me” attitude when someone tells them they can’t…that is inspiring, and I love to see that and be a part of that process.
-Robin Evans, “Help Me Grow” Home Visitor 

I like being a Home Visitor because of the connections I get to make with families in our community. I truly enjoy watching the children in these families grow into happy, healthy kids, while their parents continually work to become the best versions of themselves. 
-Phoebe Deddens, “Help Me Grow” Home Visitor

I like being a Home Visitor because of the interactions with family and helping families achieve their goals.
-Sydney Judkins, “Help Me Grow” Home Visitor

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