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OhioRISE Care Coordination

As a Care Management Entity for OhioRISE, ISBH has a team of compassionate and dedicated Care Coordinators who come alongside families to assure that the family voice is heard and lifted up. Our Care Coordinators will support families as they navigate the system of care and services available to youth with complex behavioral health conditions.

How to access Services:

We're here to help. Contact us using one of these options and we'll connect you with the ISBH office that is most appropriate to your situation.

If this is an emergency, please dial 911 or call or text 988 to reach the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Do not rely on communication through this website for urgent medical needs.

Was one of first clients ever and this place is God sent. The staff are all very nice and down to earth and will go out of their way to help. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.

Robber Faulk

I can't say enough about the staff here. They go above and beyond in order to help their clients. I've always been treated with courtesy and respect. I would recommend anyone to go there if they find themselves in a position where they need assistance.

Alisha Zeimer

These people, legit saved my life. I wouldn't have been able to make it where I am today without this program. When you are released from prison the don't give any sort of stepping stone, just kinda throw you to the streets. Intergrated Services has been there with me from the beginning making sure that I do not fall on my face. Thanks for everything you did/do for me!!!!

Natasha Lloyd

About OhioRISE Care Coordination Services

Care coordination is an important benefit offered to all children, youth and families enrolled in OhioRISE. Care coordinators work closely with you, providers and community partners you already meet with to:

  • Reduce the number of meetings you participate in.
  • Develop one plan of care.
  • Organize everyone involved in a coordinated way to support your needs.

Care coordinators are experienced in working with children, youth, and their families to improve member health. You will be assigned a professional who knows what services are available through the OhioRISE program and your Medicaid managed care plan or fee-for-service Medicaid. Your care coordinator will:

  • Know about the services and programs offered in your local community.
  • Support your and your family’s access to services.
  • Work with your MCO, providers, and community organizations.

Learn more by checking out the OhioRISE care coordination overview flyer.

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