OH, how we have grown!

December 6, 2022

In 2012, our local Help Me Grow program decided they were no longer able to continue the Home Visiting program and asked ISBH to take on that role for the county. ISBH agreed, despite only one team member even knowing what Help Me Grow was at that time. We began by training those interested in working with young children and families. In the beginning, we had one part time Home Visitor who served Athens. Over the next two years we began to grow and even added another county, which was Jackson. We eventually grew to 3 part-time Home Visitors, part-time CBHWS.  Talk about hard jobs trying to wear both hats!

In 2015, with much persuasion and data (thanks Randy!), we were able to add a full-time person dedicated to home visits. Our first budget for supplies was $200 a year, which sustained 3 part-time Home Visitors and one full-time. Revenue in these early stages was about $60,000 per year.

In 2016, we were able to increase the number of full-time Home Visitors. By 2020 we were fully functioning in Athens, Jackson, Meigs, Gallia and Franklin counties with full-time Home Visitors, part-time Supervisors and an Associate Manager. In late 2020 we began the journey into Licking County. In 2021, program management went to Katelyn Roberts. Over that time, she has been able to increase full-time Home Visitors and move the program through national accreditation.

This month, Help Me Grow Home Visiting was officially moved under the management of Katelyn Roberts who will continue to grow the program.

I am so proud of the hard work this team does every day. Looking back at the growth is phenomenal, knowing that each and every passionate Home Visitor has touched so many lives.


Regional Manager, Integrated Services of Behavioral Health

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