Ohio START Employee of the Month: Misty Stonerock

September 27, 2022

Family Peer Mentor, Misty Stonerock from Ross County, has gone above and beyond beyond to support her families. For example, Misty planned an event at their local pool for START parents and building their sober community supports and activities. She continues to be the biggest advocate for her families and is making a huge difference in her community!

Some words from Misty: ​
"First, let me say thank you for this opportunity and being nominated. It means a lot when others notice your hard work and dedication. I love to help people, make connections and learn new things.

As for what motivates me to want to do this job: Honestly, I want to be the person, that I needed when I was struggling. I want to help our families reduce trauma and break the cycle of abuse and addiction. When I was first approached about this position, I didn’t want it. I had a prior treatment provider, reach out to me, and encourage me to apply. I couldn’t imagine working alongside CPS ever! However, I now realize God placed me in this position, I truly believe this is my calling. My past has influenced my work, I use my personal experiences from my childhood, from working a CPS case, and finding sobriety as motivation for others. I can say, I have been there, I have done that, you can get through it.

My favorite memory is a time I was working with a client that was in fear of getting her driver’s license, for the first time. For several months, she kept making excuses as to why she couldn’t do it, or make the appointments, etc. The day she got her license, I was at her home for our weekly visit. The BMV called her and said they had a cancellation, but she didn’t take the appointment because she and the kids had just woken up and she said didn’t have a babysitter. I called the BMV to advocate for her, asking them to allow her to keep that appointment. They gave us five minutes to get there. I packed up her and her children, she didn’t even have time to brush her teeth or hair. I had another peer supporter shadowing me that day. The client got her license and was screaming and laughing with joy and jumped into my arms. That made all the months working up to that moment – worth it!"

Thank you Misty for all your dedication!

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