We Have Lived: Jacinda DePugh

June 7, 2023

Jacinda DePugh | CBHW Ross County

As a child, I was always full of energy and had trouble focusing and sitting still. I always felt like an outcast in elementary school; not only did I tower over all my other classmates in height, but I also struggled with my behavior. If I had to sit still too long, I would begin fidgeting and acting out. My 4th-grade teacher told my parents she thought I had ADHD. My parents didn’t have me tested until 7th grade after my grades started to suffer, and I was getting in trouble for acting out in class. After a long road of evaluations, I was diagnosed with ADHD. There were many challenges that came with growing up with ADHD. One situation I remember well was a teacher sitting at my desk outside in the hallway every day because I wasn’t able to sit still and be quiet. At that point, I felt like I was not good enough. I finally found sports as an outlet for my excess energy. It was then I began to feel purpose and gain confidence in myself. I put my all into basketball and was able to keep my grades up. After graduating, I went to college at OUC. I studied human services and social services, so I could help others who have had similar struggles cope, find resources, and have a promising future.  I am very passionate about helping people overcome mental health challenges by offering support, resources, direction, and informal mental health counseling.

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