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August 24, 2022

In 2004, The Roweton Alternative School aka Roweton School, was established in partnership between Integrated Services for Behavioral Health, the Ross County Juvenile Court, Ross-Pike Educational Service District, and the Ross County Commissioners. The Roweton School, found at 102 Cattail Rd, Chillicothe, OH, serves Ross County students, grades seventh through twelve, with a holistic educational program designed for students with behavioral challenges. This approach includes E-Learning through the Virtual Learning Academy and day treatment programming. Placement is started either through the student’s home school district or via Ross County Juvenile Court. Students remain enrolled with their home districts and thus credits earned go towards their home school’s requirements.

With a 40-student limit, the school is staffed with 5 ISBH (Integrated Services for Behavioral Health) employees with the Ross-Pike Educational Service District supplying two full time certified teachers and two intervention specialists. The Roweton team takes unique approaches to achieve integrated education for students through group counseling, group therapy activities and one-on-one interventions.

“I like to think that we serve students who are “falling through the cracks” for whatever reason. We provide a less stressful environment where they are treated with respect. We try to help them in many aspects of their lives such as education deficiencies, behavior management, family and social problems and mental health issues. Not every student is successful here but the many that are make the experience worth it "said Matt Glandon, Roweton Program Director.

Before ISBH’s involvement, the Roweton Complex was a residential facility for “unruly youth” managed by Ross County Children Services. Though prior RCCS, it had a long history as the Roweton Boys Ranch.

John Williams

Matt Glandon

Jason Smith

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