We Have Lived: Denita Bryant

July 27, 2022

Denita Bryant, LICDC-CS

Practice Manager, Integrated Services Behavioral Medicine

"I am very blessed to be a part of an organization that truly cares about its clients and their overall well-being."

My name is Denita Bryant. I am originally from Frankfort, but currently reside in Chillicothe. I have two brothers and two sisters. I am the oldest of the group. My early upbringing consisted of growing up in poverty with parents who suffered with addiction and abuse. I first watched my dad attempted suicide by overdose when I was 11 years old. My teenage years would consist of the same. My dad no longer lived in the home with us, but my mom’s new boyfriend would continue the cycle of addiction and abuse for the next few years. 

At the age of 16, I became pregnant with my first son. Becoming a mom at 17, I knew I wanted to be able to give him the safety I did not have in my early years. 

I moved into my grandparents’ house at the age of 18 and began going to college. 

I was able to reconcile with my dad that year. He was still suffering with his mental health and addiction. On his good days I would take my son to visit. I always worried that I might lose him, and my son would never get to know his grandpa. My dad would end up taking his life a year later. I am so thankful for the time we did get to spend with him.

My son’s father and I got our first apartment at 19 and got married the following year. 

I graduated with my degree in medical assisting at the age of 21 and gave birth to my second son that year. 

I started at Adena Health System that summer as a medical assistant. I gave birth to my third child one year later. 

My mom was arrested for drugs one month after my daughter was born and would spend the next 5 years in prison. My husband at the time and I would take custody of two of my siblings at the age of 22. My brother’s dad had been arrested earlier that year due to actions from his struggle with addiction as well.

I worked as a medical assistant at Adena for about 5 years before beginning my career into leadership. I worked as a clinical lead for almost two years and then began as a clinic manager for Internal Medicine. I worked as a manager for almost 2 years before joining the Integrated team as a practice manager.

My first month with Integrated was very triggering for me. Working closely with patients who had the same issues that I had watched my parents struggle with for years was hard. I cried every encounter because I just wanted them to be better like I had always wanted for my parents. After the first month I began working more closely with the SAMHSA grant. It has been the most rewarding part. I always wondered how things would have been if my dad would have been able to be a part of a program like we offer. I love seeing our patients do well and the parents they are able to be for their kids again. I am very blessed to be a part of an organization that truly cares about its clients and their overall well-being.

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