We Are Living: "This is Josh"

July 7, 2023

This is Josh, a recent graduate of Chillicothe City Schools and a long-term client of Integrated Services for Behavioral Health (ISBH). Josh has been actively participating in ISBH's summer programs for the past ten years, including the Summer Day Treatment program for the last three years. Notably, his five siblings also receive services from ISBH. It is with his permission that we share his story. 

Throughout his ISBH journey, Josh has developed a strong bond with his primary behavioral health worker, Michelle Renault, whom he has been working with since January 2014. Reflecting on their relationship, Josh expresses deep trust in Michelle, citing her welcoming demeanor and open communication. He appreciates Michelle's consistent check-ins on him and his family, ensuring their needs are met. 

Having eagerly attended ISBH's summer programs in Ross County since becoming a client, Josh emphasizes the significant impact of the Summer Day Treatment program on his life. He has learned invaluable lessons, such as embracing his true self without worrying about others' opinions and finding joy in every moment. The program has provided him with an escape from personal challenges while equipping him with essential skills to navigate and manage difficulties. Josh also found solace in connecting with peers who face similar struggles, never feeling like an outsider. 

Despite embarking on a new chapter with a full-time job at Arby's, Josh recognized the importance of attending the Summer Day Treatment Program for the final time this year. Determined to participate, he utilized his vacation time from work to be part of the program. Josh finds solace and stress relief in the structured environment, acknowledging that even as a recent graduate, he remains eager to learn and grow. 

Reflecting on his personal growth, Josh advises his younger self to avoid unnecessary anger over trivial matters, recognizing its futility. When asked what message he would share with younger children attending the Summer Day Treatment program, Josh encourages them to be authentic, foster positive relationships with others, and infuse fun into their experiences. 

Looking towards the future, Josh aspires to become a counselor, driven by his own transformative journey and the desire to support others facing similar challenges. 

During my recent meeting with Josh, I was deeply moved when he shared his decision to take time off from work for the next two weeks to attend the Summer Day Treatment program. His dedication and commitment highlight the profound impact this program has on individuals like him. Josh's story is undeniably heartfelt, and I felt compelled to share it with all of you. 

Eric Cox

Licensed Social Worker 

Integrated Services for Behavioral Health 

Area Coordinator 

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