Fayette & Highland Behavioral Health Team

May 10, 2023

ISBH’s dedicated team provides essential in-person and telehealth support to individuals and families in our community. They connect individuals with resources like medication management, therapy, and community-based health worker support. The team has helped individuals overcome challenges and strengthened relationships. They work closely with local schools and facilitate connections to critical resources. ISBH’s hard work has positively impacted countless lives in Fayette County. They remain committed to delivering the highest quality care and look forward to ongoing community partnerships.

Our Team:


Dustin Weeks 

Dustin Weeks has been a resident of Ohio for about three years and joined ISBH as the behavioral health supervisor six months ago. Dustin has been a licensed professional counselor since 2001. One of his fondest memories at ISBH is when he walked a family out after a session and noticed that the previous client had written “I love therapy” on the blackboard in the waiting room. Dustin shares this sentiment and values the various ways in which ISBH collaborates with clients to achieve their goals.
Amanda Robbins 
Amanda Robbins, the new CBHW for Highland County, brings ten years of experience working with financially vulnerable individuals and families to the ISBH team. Pursuing a BSW from Indiana Wesleyan University while working, Amanda has extensive knowledge of local resources. She values the supportive culture at ISBH, where supervisors encourage staff to share their emotions and stand behind them with unwavering support. Amanda believes her expertise will be a valuable addition to the organization.
Cassy Lee
Cassy Lee is a licensed social worker providing counseling at Greenfield Middle School for students and families. With 9 years of experience, she helps with anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, and more. Cassy joined ISBH in Nov. 2022 and is creative in teaching coping skills. Based in her home community, she has a unique opportunity to support students and families.
Gabyy Cooper 
Gabby Cooper has spent her entire life living in Ohio. Recently, she joined ISBH as a Community Behavioral Health Worker, and she also holds a Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant license. Currently, Gabby is pursuing her Master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Military Psychology. One of her favorite aspects of working with ISBH is witnessing clients have the realization that they have the ability to achieve their goals. Helping individuals reach their goals in life is a fulfilling experience for Gabby.
Ranelle Higginbotham
Ranelle Higginbotham recently joined the team as the communications Associate for Fayette and Highland. When you call the office, it’s most likely that you’ll hear her voice. Ranelle has lived her entire life in Appalachian Ohio, which gives her an intuitive cultural understanding of ISBH’s Rural regions. Ranelle’s favorite part of her job is witnessing a client’s transformation. She enjoys watching clients come and go from the office and seeing the difference that time spent with the ISBH team can make. She is especially moved by the results of the care and concern provided by the therapists and CBHWs, and the way they all work together is beautiful.
Vanessa Ford
Vanessa Ford, a Licensed Professional Counselor with almost 20 years of experience in counseling children, adults, and families in schools, residential treatment, community agencies, and corrections, recently joined ISBH as a counselor for Miami Trace School District. She has facilitated groups for issues including addictions, grief and loss, social skills, and parenting, and always aims to create a safe and accepting environment for her clients. Vanessa is grateful to work within the school system, providing a positive space for many young people who may not have sought counseling otherwise.

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