We Have Lived: Jordan Matthews

April 25, 2023

Jordan Matthews


I can remember the way ISBH’s original Roweton building looked. The concrete walls, the carpets, all of it. I can vividly remember running to the office after hours so my mom could finish her charting. At the time, I pretended it was a bother, but I enjoyed it. I felt proud of my mom. My mom, Mandy Lee, started with ISBH in 2006. I’m not sure I fully understood her job at that time, “a counselor”. It was not a common job amongst my friend group and in a way, I didn’t even understand what mental health was. I remember attending some of the first Fast camps and being exposed to totally different peers. After attending, I came back for a couple summers to help the staff. I absolutely loved helping with arts and crafts, I looked forward to it every year!

And now, as of today, I have been with ISBH for over 6 years. I started right after my undergraduate degree. It was at Earlham College that I really started to love psychology and medicine, so I began researching potential careers. At one point, I went back and forth between a physician assistant (PA) and nurse practitioner (NP) but after a few shadowing experiences, I fell in love with the autonomy of the NP role and its ability to develop relationships with patients. After graduation, I knew I would need to attend nursing school to start the long journey to my dream career. I started working for ISBH in 2016 and shortly after returned to Mount Saint Joseph for an accelerated nursing program. Being a Community-Based Health Workers (CBHW) was the most challenging and rewarding job. I was so fortunate to work as a CBHW (whether it was part time, full time, evening or weekend hours) as I continued my education and had the utmost support from ISBH during this time.

Finally, in 2022 I graduated from The Ohio State University as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I have had the privilege to learn under ISBH’s Dr. Sue Levy, a woman I looked up to for as long as I can remember. My family and I often joke about ISBH being a family affair but in a way, it is, and I am grateful for the opportunities this company has given me.

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