Are You Familiar With Intensive Outpatient Programming?

January 24, 2023

Intensive Outpatient Programming, also known as IOP, is a type of substance use disorder treatment provided to individuals who experience substance use that impairs elements of their daily functioning like work, parenting and physical health, and qualify for a higher level of care than traditional outpatient counseling.

IOP consists of 9-19 hours of substance use, mental health, and therapeutic behavioral support services each week. It is especially fitting for those who are not ready to commit to residential treatment or whose daily responsibilities do not allow for extended periods away for treatment. Often, those stepping down from residential treatment will enroll in IOP to supplement their recovery plan with intensive continued support.

At ISBH, we practice a harm reduction philosophy. To us, this means that everyone’s goals for recovery and treatment needs will be different, and we honor that. Our team works to create an individualized treatment plan that meets all the patient’s counseling, group therapy, case management, peer support and medication needs.

People who enter IOP with ISBH can expect group services multiple times weekly, where they have the opportunity to work with others in recovery and learn skills that are vital for coping with difficult emotions and life stressors. They can also expect education about substance use, mental health, the brain and habitual behavior to help supplement their recovery skills.

We believe that one of our duties is to help those we serve cultivate a life that they enjoy. In addition to the skills and education provided in group services, we provide our clients with opportunities to exercise, explore the outdoors in our beautiful region and attend community events with their peers.

Our IOP services are offered in Ross and Pickaway counties. If someone you serve might be interested in Intensive Outpatient Treatment, please reach out to Natashia Rapp for more information,

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