The Hive is six years old!

January 6, 2023

The Hive is a youth drop-in center that has been a second home to hundreds of Athens County kids over the last 6 years. It continues to be a safe place for kids to eat, play, and hang out  during out of school time. The staff at the Hive meet kids and families where they are and recognize their unique interests, abilities, and talents as well as their challenges. Kids get a healthy dinner every evening, with someone asking about their day, building them up and modeling healthy relationships. Staff get to know parents who are ISBH clients, grandparents who are raising grandkids, community members who care about youth and other professionals with common goals. The Hive can be a jumping off place for families who need supportive services because it builds trusting relationships through positive interactions. This can look like karaoke, a game of gaga ball in the park, a warm place to charge your phone, food sent home with those who are struggling, a visit to check in with a child at school or a phone call if they haven't seen you for a while. The Hive even celebrates birthdays and other milestones to make sure every kid feels important and loved. 

The Hive has many amazing community partners that have contributed support over the years.  Community Food Initiatives, Rural Action, The Athens County Board of DD, The Athens County Libraries, Nelsonville City Schools, Athens County Children's Services, Athens County Job and Family Services, The 317 Board of Athens, Hocking and Vinton Counties and many more have assisted with funding, programming, referrals and other critical supports. If you haven't been to The Hive, stop by to check out all the wonderful things they do! 

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