A spotlight on Project Bad Apple.

January 6, 2023

Project Bad Apple is a volunteer-managed youth engagement initiative for kids who are 17 and younger residing in Ross County. Project Bad Apple began four years ago as an offshoot of Project Badass, a non-profit providing adults needing meaningful social connections and support.  Project Bad Apple’s primary focus includes Health, Wellness, Community Services, Environmental Stewardship and Family Reunification. Our efforts focus on the child, their family and their community. We follow holistic principals all while creating meaningful connections and providing community contributions.

Managed 100% through volunteers and community donations, we recently kicked off our first inaugural Bad Apple Classic Disk Golf Tournament. The Bad Apple kids raised funds and built the Chillicothe City Disk Golf Park. We often use this park for “play and talk”. The money raised from this past tournament and future tournaments will support the maintenance of the course and Bad Apple activities. This past tournament was supported by ISBH, Hernstien and many other small local businesses. In addition, we collaborate with Chillicothe Public Libraries, City of Chillicothe, ISBH, Ross County Parks District, The Moose and Ross County Treatment Court.

All ISBH staff members involved with Project Apple do so as volunteers. They include Mandy Lee, Andrea Rinehart, Tim Walker, Gina Seymour, Laurie Dixon, Rachele Butler and Deke Deacon. To learn more about us and or to provide support or resources, please email Deke Deacon or Renee Park at or find them on Facebook at

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