ISBH partners with Athens County Public Libraries

August 24, 2022

Nick Tepe, Executive Director, Athens County Public Library, sought grant funding from the AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN ACT OF 2021 through the State Library of Ohio to contract with ISBH to place a full-time community behavioral health worker, Liz Vandendries, SWT, in the Athens County libraries.

The program started in January 2022 with Liz delivering significant patron engagement ever sense. Liz rotates to all seven ACPL locations, assisting patrons with whatever needs they have, supporting staff in connecting patrons to resources, and helping to get individuals in need into the behavioral health system.

“Thank you, Nick, for championing for the position and ISBH for all you do to support employees and our communities. It is pretty awesome to be part of this collaboration!” said Liz Vandendries.

We fully expect this effort will expand its reach as additional library patrons’ needs are identified. Meeting people where they are emotional, physically and therapeutically is the key in this partnership.



Please visit to learn more about this partnership.

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