Mary Hill Center Celebration

July 27, 2022

The celebration of the Mary Hill Center, Nelsonville, Ohio, was graced with nearly 200 individuals excited about the good to come. We are to join Hopewell in the reimagining and the continuation of community use of the St Mary of the Hills aka the Nelsonville Hospital.

Kevin Gillespie, ISBH’s newly retired CEO, was honored with the dedication of the Gillespie Gallery, an art space dedicated to individuals with lived experiences to showcase and to celebrate their creative resiliency.

Also, Dave Stephens, the longtime "protector" of Mary Hill, was recognized for his continued care of this beautiful building.

The artwork was provided by The Athens Photographic Project, The New Beginnings Studios of McArthur, Passion Works of Athens with the music stylings of Kelly Madewell and friends. Chef Alfonso dazzled our tummies.

A wonderful community celebration.

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